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Current Event: Accusations that I have psychological problems.

Biblical Warning: Isaiah 20:3-4

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Current Event: Why are church leaders afraid of the home church movement?

Biblical Warning: Hebrews 12:4-6

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Current Event: Without fancy buildings or denominational leadership, Christianity is growing in Iran.

Biblical Warning: 2 Timothy 3:12

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Bible Class - "Acts to the Max!, Chapter 7"

Sermon - "Home Church Reality, Part 5: Sharing"

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In this lesson, we will use the Lord's conversation with Nicodemus (John 3) as a template from which we can draw several rings of fellowship that governed the original underground church.

As persecution against Christianity grows, and as many Christians succumb to the temptations of social compromise and convenient complacency, the underground church will not only become necessary, it too will grow. Think of this series as an early warning system, an invitation to prepare for the coming opportunities.

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Current Events: Illinois' public schools must teach LGBT history and appreciation

Biblical Warnings: Predicting the End, The conditions of Noah and Abraham day are playing out before us

Survival Tips: Wasp spray

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Bible Class - "Geo-History of the Bible" Timeline, Part 4 (Boot, Blob, Banana, etc.)

Sermon - "Involvement" Part 4, Vested (The Journey of Peter and Saul/Paul)

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Contents: President Trump declares a national emergency to build the wall, Alexandria Cortez proposes the Green New Deal and CNN writer says it means rebuilding the nation from the safety net up.

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Current Events: New York legalizes abortion up to time of birth, Catholic school kids accused of disrespecting an older Native American

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