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Current Event: President Trump Leaves it All on the Field

Biblical Warning: 1 Timothy 2:1-3

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Bible Class - Revelation 19

Sermon - The Bold, Brash, Blasphemous Nebuchadnezzar, If God Used Him...? Part 1: The Bold

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Bible Class - Revelation 12

Sermon - Assumed Salvation, Devil's Deceptions: #1, "Once Saved, Always Saved"

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Current Event: #WrongTrump, Democratic National Convention 

Biblical Warning: Matthew 25:14-30

Remnant Ready, Overcoming End Times Anxiety - 6. Take Initiative



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Bible Class - Acts 28

Sermon - These are the Days of Jeremiah - The Potter Versus Freewill? Jeremiah 18:1-10, 17-18

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Part 2: The "U" in Calvin's T.U.L.I.P. is for Unconditional Election.

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