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Introduction: 3. A Survey of Matthew 24

When one applies God's consistent teaching pattern of presenting prophecy with dual fulfillments, one soon after and another much later, the book of Revelation has the potential to unite the conflicting factions of Pre-Millennials and Present-Millennials. Within this study, the supreme rule for interpretation will not be past conclusions drawn by men, but letting the Bible interpret the Bible. 

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Current Event: Colorado Amends Coronavirus Death Count

Biblical Warning: Matthew 23:35-39 - 24:3

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Bible Class - Acts 25

Sermon - These are the Days of Jeremiah

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Current Event: Excessive Governmental Overreach

Biblical Warning: Matthew 24:1-4

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Current Event: In spite of the tragic, real time happenings in Venezuela, Bernie Sanders praises Fidel Castro and becomes the Democrats front runner to compete for the White House.

Biblical Warning: Luke 12:32-53

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In class 3, we examine several alarming passages which suggest God can become so offended by people who interpret truth by what they want truth to be, that He actually sends them a delusion to believe a lie.

Biblical authority has levels. All authority begins with the essential foundation of the Creator's supremacy. Next, God validates the authority of the heads of each home. If these men are proven by their home management skills, they can qualify for the third level of authority and serve as elders within the church. 

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Current Event: Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats celebrate the President's impeachment and claim that he must prove his innocence.

Biblical Warning: Acts 12:11

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Current Event: Without fancy buildings or denominational leadership, Christianity is growing in Iran.

Biblical Warning: 2 Timothy 3:12

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Bible Class - "Acts to the Max!, Chapter 7"

Sermon - "Home Church Reality, Part 5: Sharing"

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In this lesson, we will use the Lord's conversation with Nicodemus (John 3) as a template from which we can draw several rings of fellowship that governed the original underground church.

As persecution against Christianity grows, and as many Christians succumb to the temptations of social compromise and convenient complacency, the underground church will not only become necessary, it too will grow. Think of this series as an early warning system, an invitation to prepare for the coming opportunities.

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