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Verse By Verse: Revelation 5:6-8

When one applies God's consistent teaching pattern of presenting prophecy with dual fulfillments, one soon after and another much later, the book of Revelation has the potential to unite the conflicting factions of Pre-Millennials and Present-Millennials. Within this study, the supreme rule for interpretation will not be past conclusions drawn by men, but letting the Bible interpret the Bible. 

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Online Revival Night 6: False god Worship (Islam emphasized)

Many of our friends are trading one hellish condition down here for an eternal Hell to come. During this online revival, we examine 5 satanic seductions that are destroying our culture and we plead for repentance.

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John 1:14 - "And He dwelt among us" is explained as Divine expression, dualism, and dwelling.

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John 1:14 - "The Word became flesh" challenges us to look beyond the treachery of modern Gnosticism found within Calvinism and other false doctrines.

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